2015-05 Namibia - hlavooij
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Dry river bed

On my travels through Namibia last May, I passed this dry river bed. I pulled over and took my time to make some photos.

It was already late afternoon and I did not see a single car all day. When I was busy doing my thing, another car drove by and stopped asking if everything was alright. It's a good habit to make sure everybody is alright in remote areas.

A couple of days later, I passed a car with a flat tire myself and stopped to ask if they needed some help. Two elderly German couples had a lot of trouble with changing their tire and and were waiting for help for hours already, I was the first car passing. They were desperate (and clumsy!) and were already thinking of staying the night in the middle of nowhere... In about 15 minutes, I'd changed the wheel so they could continue their travels. It felt good to be a good samaritan :-)